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Achieve a Competitive Edge in the Market with Top-notch Manual Testing Services

Although automation is playing a pivotal role in ensuring flawlessness, manual software testing services is also accelerating the pace of software testing services. Being a manual software testing service provider company, we are focused on providing end-to-end manual testing processes for your functional testing needs. At DevQAExperts, we have the foundation of matured test processes performed by manual testing experts with the help of industry-leading testing tools.

From creating an optimized test plan to post-deployment support, we undertake accountability for manual testing activities. We work based on a user-centric approach that helps us to deliver consistent value-driven work to our clients. As a professional manual testing company, we regularly provide customized dashboards with extensive reporting. Therefore, it will keep you on the same page during the testing progress.

Why is Manual Testing Important?

  • Enhanced user experience – Manual testing experts compare the customer requirements with the existing software while interacting with your software. From an end-user perspective, he/she will check for inconsistencies in fonts, style choices and appearance, usability, etc. Once found, the manual testing expert will eliminate the same to improvise user experience.

  • Maximum numbers of bugs found – Like the real users, manual testers hit several combinations of logic flow navigating through the system. It may happen that automation can’t be able to cover all the user flows, while manual testers can find those issues.

  • Human intervention stands out as analytical – Manual testing process entails human intervention. Therefore, manual testers can bring new ideas after analyzing the same thoroughly to mitigate any hindrances. It may get overlooked in automation testing.

  • Rigorous negative testing – With manual testing, negative testing can be performed rigorously.

  • Ad hoc testing – For ad hoc testing, manual testing is a good option. Here, the tester’s knowledge plays a pivotal role in performing ad hoc testing.

Manual Testing

Manual Testing Services We Offer

  • System integration testing– By validating the reliability of modules, we ensure your business software’s effective and seamless functioning.
  • Sanity testing– Our QA tester evaluates the functional changes and software requirements to prepare the reusable test cases. We will also prepare and implement the sanity test plan on your program in order to ensure it delivers reasonable results.
  • Smoke testing- We offer top-notch manual smoke testing services to ensure navigation paths are tested without hampering the functionality. We also ensure that the flaws are detected and corrected during smoke tests.  
  • Regression testing– We validate the software functionality through continuous & repetitive testing to ensure there are no redundant defect issues.
  • Usability testing– We engage a genuine user and a QA manager for a seamless usability testing procedure. Once we get the insights, it will help us to improve the user experience accordingly.
  • Integration testing- We provide a detailed plan of integration test activities with designed test cases along with text execution and summary report. 
  • Exploratory testing– In exploratory testing, We detect issues not included in the testing scope. Also, we learn more about the application by exploring the same without pre-designed requirements. 
  • Unit testing– We review design reports and functional requirements, execute model-based tests and construct validation scenarios to find issues during development. This helps us to serve better quality code in the system integration test environment.
  • User acceptance testing– We offer a broad range of user acceptance testing services to provide QA for your software systems. Our experts will perform the QA in a dynamic UAT environment with the help of the most advanced tools.
  • Interface testing- We provide manual interface testing services to verify whether the software behaves smoothly in compliance with the specified things.

How Can our Manual Testing Services Help your Business?

  • Complete flexibility – We follow your vision and incorporate our strategies to help you achieve your goal. We follow the latest technologies that enable us to accelerate the workflow within a stipulated time.

  • Scalability – Based on the current scenarios, the flow of the current development project can fluctuate. You can scale the project down or up with us based on the requirements.

  • Transparency – Being a reputed manual software testing service provider company, we believe in maintaining 100% transparency while working with you. There would be no hidden budgets and policies. Instead, you can expect honest and direct communication.

  • Quick starting – We value your business effectiveness. This is why we will provide you with the estimate within a short time. Based on your response, we will start working on your project.

Our Manual Testing Process

Step 1 – Analysis of requirements

  • Analysis of business requirements
  • Functional analysis
  • Identification of scope

Step 2 – Test planning

  • Agreement of test coverage
  • Curating strategy
  • Initializing documentation
  • Estimation of efforts

Step 3 – Setup of environment

  • Writing of test cases
  • Configuration of software and hardware
  • Test data preparation

Step 4 – Test execution

  • Test run
  • Detecting the issues
  • Result documentation
  • Checking bugs

Step 5 – Submission & post QA maintenance

  • Submission of reports
  • Recommendation issuing
  • Client’s acceptance
  • Closure of project

Why DevQAExperts?

  • Through evaluation of your product/application

  •  End-to-end manual testing services

  • Exploration of business cases

  • Workflow optimization suggestion

  • Domain expertise

  • Regular updates