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FindMyLocator is a product conceived and meticulously crafted by DevQAExpert Solution Pvt. Ltd.

“FindMyLocator”  is a powerful and user-friendly browser extension designed to simplify locating unique elements within a Document Object Model (DOM) structure of your Web Pages .Whether you’re a developer, a tester, or someone who frequently interacts with web content, “FindMyLocator”  is here to enhance your productivity and streamline your workflow. “FindMyLocator”  generates unique selectors just in a single click. It also supports axes methods like siblings, Following-sibling, parents, childNodes, ancestors and descendants etc.



Key Features of  FindMYLocator:

Precise Element Identification: “FindMyLocator”  empowers users to accurately pinpoint and identify specific elements within a webpage’s DOM structure. With a clicking event, you can visually select an element, and “FindMyLocator”  will generate a unique and robust locator strategy to access that element programmatically.

Multiple Locator Strategies: The extension supports a variety of popular locator strategies, such as CSS selectors, XPath, and more. This ensures that no matter your preferred method of interacting with the DOM, “FindMyLocator” has you covered.

Visual Selection: “FindMyLocator” offers an intuitive interface that lets users visually highlight the element they want to locate. The extension then generates the corresponding locator code, eliminating the need to manually inspect and create locators from scratch.

Code Generation: Once an element is selected, “FindMyLocator” generates the unique path required to access the selected element using the chosen locator strategy. This code can be directly copied and pasted into your development or testing environment, saving you time and reducing the likelihood of errors.

Interactive Preview: “FindMyLocator” provides an interactive preview of the selected element, showcasing how it will be targeted using the generated locator strategy. This preview helps users confirm their selection before incorporating the code into their projects.

Developer and Tester Friendly: Whether you’re writing automated tests, developing web applications, or performing manual testing, “FindMyLocator” simplifies the process of locating and interacting with DOM elements, helping you achieve better results in less time.

It supports

  • xpath and CssSelector unique locator
  • Ancestors and sibling
  • iframe and nested iframe (In Progress)
  • svg elements
  • Dynamic elements,
  • shadow DOM and nested shadow DOM, (In Progress)
  • dynamic dropdown
  • submenu and dynamic invisible elements too.
  • Locate the coordinate positions (In Progress)


How to Use:

·         Install the “FindMyLocator” extension from the web store.

·         Navigate to a webpage you want to work with.

·         Click on the “FindMyLocator” icon in your browser toolbar to activate the extension.

·         Click the element you want to locate.

·         Choose your preferred locator strategy (CSS selector, XPath, etc.).

·         Copy the generated code and paste it into your development or testing environment.


Development Team:

“Challenges Drive Innovation”

In our testing domain, we encounter the constant need to identify unique locators and adapt to changes when locators evolve. This has led our Tester’s community to develop a groundbreaking solution that outperforms existing market products, ensuring precise locator identification even in the face of change.

Members are:- 

  • Ms. Pooja Kabra         
  • Mr. Gopal Solanki
  • Ms. Arti Tongia 
  • Mr. Pranjal  Dubey
  • Mr. Nishant Sinha
  • Mr. Rituraj Prajapati
  • Mr. Rishabh Sharma
  • Ms. Sonal Jadhav


Tested by:-

  •  Ms. Meenal Saxena   
  •  Ms. Neelam Dahare 
  •  Mr. Saurav Ranjan

Facts of  Our FindMyLocator Extension Tool:

  •         Seamlessly obtain distinctive locators
  •          Developed by a dedicated community of testers
  •          Rigorously tested by seasoned professionals
  •          Versatile multi-locator capabilities
  •         Guaranteed 100% efficiency
  •          Significant time savings achieved
  •          Free Available
  •          Chrome Browser compatible

Enhance your web development and testing efficiency with “FindMyLocator”.

Say goodbye to manual locator creation and debugging, and say hello to a smoother, more productive workflow.


Extension URL : Click Here

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