QAEverest is a web application designed to streamline the test case creation process. With QAEverest, users can manually input scenarios, prompting the system to generate a comprehensive array of test cases tailored to the given scenario. Beyond its core functionality, QAEverest offers flexibility by enabling users to choose from various testing types, including functional, non-functional, and API testing. Seamlessly integrating with popular tools, QAEverest empowers users to download test cases effortlessly, facilitating a smooth and efficient testing workflow.

Key Features:

Export Functionality: Seamlessly export data or findings to numerous formats for increased accessibility and sharing.

Multiple Scenarios: Enable the construction and management of varied test scenarios according to unique demands and criteria.

Multiple Testing Types: Provide support for a broad variety of testing techniques, including both functional and non-functional testing approaches.

BDD Support: Facilitate Behavior-driven Development (BDD) by offering features that correspond with BDD principles, allowing for collaborative and user-friendly testing.

User-Friendly Interface: To improve user experience and provide accessibility for users with different levels of technical skill, create an interface that is simple to use and intuitive.

AI-Enabled Capabilities: Leverage artificial intelligence to boost automation, efficiency, and decision-making within the testing process, contributing to intelligent test case generation and execution.

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