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Safe and secure mobile UI testing to ensure a top-notch customer experience.

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Boost your Business Growth with Cross-Browser Testing and Mobile Device Testing Services

Being a leading mobile application testing company, we provide robust mobile app testing services to meet your business requirements. Currently, mobile applications are the new business trend. That is why business owners are moving forward with mobile applications.

To ensure the smooth running of your mobile application, you need to avail quality mobile app testing services. As a renowned mobile app testing services company, we will make your app user-friendly and compatible with multiple browsers and devices to deliver an excellent user experience.

  • 3x better revenue – Users will find a mobile application seamless if it’s better tested. Therefore, they will use the application and recommend the same to others. In turn, the number of downloads and users will increase. It means a boost in sales which will impact
    your revenue directly.
  • Performance and speed – User experience matters when using a mobile application. Mobile application testing services ensure that the mobile application will be usable with maximum efficiency.
  • Full platform coverage – Your mobile application will be tested on 10+ devices to ensure the software runs seamlessly everywhere, irrespective of browsers and devices.
  • Reduced time and cost – Automated mobile app testing reduces the intervention of human hours while providing quality output every time. Therefore, it will save you precious time. On the other hand, automation needs less human intervention. That means you don’t need to engage more people. In turn, you can save your hard-earned bucks.
Mobile App testing

Our Mobile App Testing Includes

  • Android Application Testing – We do android app performance in real conditions to increase the test coverage, quality, and functionality.

  • iOS Application Testing – Our testing team builds a flexible and reliable iOS mobile application strategy to support your development process. Additionally, we support the development process with additional assurance testing to ensure your application runs perfectly.

  • Functional testing – It includes the services that verify whether the mobile application functions as specified in the design document.

  • Usability testing – It ensures that the users can perform the desired tasks within the app satisfactorily.

  • Performance testing – It assesses the applications operating capacity, responsiveness, readiness, and scalability.

  • Test Automation – It includes the automation of mobile regression and its test suites.

  •  Security testing – Detect storage issues, and verify data integrity and activity log’s-security.

  • Compatibility testing – Checks compatibility across browsers, devices, OS, and backward and forward system support.

How our Mobile app Testing Services can Help your Business?

We provide end-to-end mobile device testing services, including security, functionality,
performance, and compatibility across different device models, operating systems,
browsers, and locations.

Long-term Success

With our comprehensive strategy, you can take your mobile application to the next level. We will work for your success. Rest assured; your mobile application will be optimized and supported by our team. Accordingly, we will keep you posted so everyone can be on the same page.

Smooth Using Experience For Your Users

Satisfy your potential customers by providing them with a robust user experience while using your business mobile application. We ensure that your product will be accepted by your target audience positively.

Safe And Secured Mobile Application

Data breaching is an issue that has already jeopardized many established businesses. We know that you don’t want to face the same. That is why our mobile testing services include maintaining data privacy to ensure no data leak regarding your business. Our team of testers will detect and work on potential thefts in order to eliminate them same from the application.

Flexible And Scalable

Our reasonable pricing and work quality will help to scale your business. Rest assured; we’re committed to providing you with on-time delivery in order to cater to your target customers efficiently.

Why DevQAExperts?

  • Cost efficient results

  • On time delivery

  • Detailed testing report with analysis of ROI

  • Accurate results

  • Quick support

  • Top-notch user experience and app quality

Our QA Mobile-App Testing Services

  • Custom test automation framework– We develop custom test automation solutions just for you if the existing frameworks don’t fit into your bill. Our test automation framework entails the guidelines we will follow while writing and running tests.


  • Test automation strategy– Our customized strategies and solutions are always project specific. We figure out the tests needed to automate, decide on testing methods and determine testing levels. It helps us to select the test automation framework and the tool to execute testing.


  • GUI test automation– GUI test automation includes menu validation, text boxes, sidebars, fonts, buttons, colors, and hyperlink direction across various platforms. We use Appium, Selenium, etc., automation testing tools for a smooth GUI testing session.


  • Automated regression testing– Manual regression testing is expensive and time-consuming. If you’re facing this issue again and again, our automation testing services will be a breeze for you. We retake every test with new code iteration to check the bugs.


  • Automated performance testing– Our performance test scripts entail a variety of things- page response time, network, browser, service request processing duration, etc. Also, our test automation services cover the most critical user aspects like page navigation or checking out.

Our QA Mobile-App Testing Services

We offer full-fledged QA automation testing services designed to fulfill your requirements. From the development roadmap to picking up the tools, our top-drawer talents work relentlessly to cater to you. Kickstart your software releases while minimizing the product’s defects.

Step 1- Test strategy development

Step 2- Test tool selection

Step 3- Ongoing testing procedures

Step 4- Test cases Improvement

Step 5- Test scripts maintenance

Tools we use

  • AWS Device Farm
  • Browser Stack
  • Lamda Test
  • PCloudy
  • Appium
  • 150+ Live Devices (iOS and Android)